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Breakfast at Rosemount makes B&B in Pitlochry a Holiday High Point

Every good day starts off with a cappuccino, and there’s no B&B better placed to enjoy some frothy caffeine than at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry.

When you stay at a B&B in Pitlochry, you’ll be in in a place that lies at the heart of hundreds of miles of stunning scenery. Therefore, you might prefer to skip lunch in favour of a hearty feast at breakfast. This is a perfect plan to give you more time to explore the kind of scenery that makes your heart sing. 

Also, and as though the prospect of a spectacular day ahead weren’t enough, there’s a huge choice for breakfast at Rosemount.

Indoors or Out?

In the current health situation, we are offering a choice of eating places. Firstly, we have safely distanced indoor tables in our Restaurant and pet-friendly dining areas. Moreover, there is the option of eating outdoors at a scenic spot in our grounds. From this vantage point, you can survey some lovely scenery and sip your coffee in total safety.

Rise and Shine! This breakfast is worth leaping out of bed for

Choose from a wide range of breakfast choices at Rosemount, Pitlochry. Firstly, there is a range of starters that includes cereals, porridge, fruit, yoghurts and pastries, for instance.

Next, there is the dilemma of deciding upon your preference for cooked breakfast: Because we have such wide-ranging choice, there’s enough to present a bit of a challenge in the making up of minds!.

The menu includes:-

  • Full Scottish Breakfast
  • Full English Breakfast
  • Avocado on Toast with Poached Egg
  • Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Tomato
  • Blueberry Pancakes. 

Generally, our guests follow this through with a delicious cup of hot coffee or tea and hot buttered toast. Suitably replenished, you’ll be ready to make some memories with your loved ones in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Check out the Range of Ensuite Bedrooms at Rosemount Hotel

Enjoy Bed & Breakfast, then have a fabulous day exploring Pitlochry

Visit Central Scotland
Make Breakfast a banquet, then feast on some of the UK's most stunning scenery
Visit most of Central Scotland from Pitlochry
Using Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry as a touring base, you can enjoy a comfortable, peaceful night's sleep, followed by a magnificent breakfast. With long daylight hours, you can then visit most of Central Scotland without packing again for the duration of your holiday

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